IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management

IT infrastructure refers to the composite hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of an enterprise IT environment. It allows an organization to deliver IT solutions and services to its employees, partners and/or customers and is usually internal to an organization and deployed within owned facilities.

Logicsoft India Pvt Ltd is uniquely placed to serve our customer needs for selective sourcing with flexible service level agreements. Our entrepreneurial culture enables us to be fast, agile and flexible in our approach. Our collaborative approach allows us to forge strategic partnerships with best-in-class players including our competitors to deliver IT Service Management Excellence.

Logicsoft India Pvt Ltd offers single source comprehensive delivery system for Facility Management Services that allows Organizations to respond to and pro-actively manage change within their facilities. VDA can meet customer needs and exceed their expectations through solutions tailored to specific situation.

Logicsoft India Pvt Ltd always believe in focus approach towards customer support. Over the years, processes and systems have been driven by facility team for each service customized for each customer. These processes and systems allow Organization to focus on their Core competencies. Our Flexible SLA enables customers to regain control over IT strategies & Functions.

  • Systems & Network Integration.
  • Design & Implementation of customized solutions.
  • Strategic IT consulting,
  • Server/Desktop Virtualization
  • Security Solutions
  • Data Center Management
  • Storage And Backup Solutions
  • Support for Disaster Recovery Planning solutions.