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In this Software, Division has upload the TS document with the proper information send to the subdivision for upload the necessary files (Schedule A ,B,C) and again send to division for generate the Booklet(DTP) one’s it’s done then upload to Government Website and contractor will apply their quotation according to the item rate and the qualified contractor will find out.

  • T.S. Register ( All Head / Head wise)
  • Tender Sale Register
  • Draft Tender Paper
  • Attendant Sheet ( Participate in bid )
  • Comparative Statement
  • Rate Analyses Letter
  • Deposit Letter
  • Agreement form & Work Order copy
  • Tender Fee Register
  • Agreement Register
  • S.D. Register
  • Add. Performance S.D. (Bank Guarantee) Register
  • Pending T.S ( ज्या कामांची निविदा काढणे बाकी आहे त्या कामांची यादी)

Document Tracking System is a flexible solution for nearly any organization that needs to track documents and materials assigned to a person .
In this software, we upload the Inword document which comes from the other department and assign to the desk and action will be taken which are mention in Inword letter. And Outword document is also enter with the same process.

  • Document Input
  • Document Search
  • Document Processing
  • Workflow Automation
  • User Dashboard
  • Customization
  • Reports

AMC Management

Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) is one of the most effective and innovative online and web-based Service Contract management system. It provides the seamless usability to manage all your AMC (Companies, Customers, Contracts, Complains) under one system. The process is designed in such a way that the operational time is much less than other systems.

  • Attractive Dashboard
  • Manage service contracts(Add customer & manage all AMC contract of customer)
  • Automatically Schedule service Call against contract.
  • Contract Renewal Reminder
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Invoice against Contract
  • Powerful Report
  • Email & SMS Integration

Service Call Management

You may receive customer complaints from various sources, such as email, telephone, web etc. Tracking these complaints enable, you to resolve issues in time, and quickly respond to customers.

  • Attractive Dashboard
  • Service Engineers will complete the Call and submit Status
  • Register Complaint
  • After completed Services Call Create Invoice
  • Powerful Report
  • Assign Complaint to Service Executive
  • Complaint Closure
  • Email & SMS Intergration

Our rental software enables you to quickly create and update orders, ensuring conflict-free booking along the way.

  • Attractive Dashboard
  • Product Management
  • Products Tracking
  • Order Management(Add order, Delivery Challan,Return Challan)
  • Invoice Management
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Powerful Report
  • Email & SMS Integration

We develop lead management software which helps to increase the sales and revenue of the organization. Lead management system is market automation software. It is a tracking process and managing the sales. We also help to develop the better relationship between the client and the organization. It helps to improve the lead conversion of the organization and improves the business performance of the organization.

  • Easy and efficient way to manage leads
  • Provides Automatic clients follow up
  • Monitor Your Sales Team Workflow
  • Team Performance Dashboard
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Reports
  • Email & SMS Integration

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