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Desktops & Workstations

Are you looking for a new and exciting IT upgrade? Our branded workstations are built to last, ensuring your business can benefit from the latest technologies.

Discover a new generation of performance

Logicsoft provides desktops and workstations from top manufacturers so that you not only get the job done, you'll exceed all expectations.

Backed by the newest industry-leading processing and innovative technologies, end-user computing solutions are designed to meet the unique demands organizations face every day – while helping to improve productivity, reduce IT tasks and costs, and lower environmental impact.

Logicsoft provides systems in a variety of form factors and extensive configurability options that deliver maximum efficiency with the reliability and security your organization demands. From thin clients to high-performance workstations, Logicsoft integration and configuration services ensure systems are built to your specifications and ready to deploy when they arrive.

What we Offer