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Notebooks & Tablets

Are you looking for a new and exciting IT upgrade? Our branded Notebooks & Tablets are built to last, ensuring your business can benefit from the latest technologies.

Enable business as usual, everywhere.

Whether you're updating notebooks across the organization, customizing mobile workstations for user groups, or selecting systems for a choose your own device (CYOD) program, Logicsoft is here to help.

Logicsoft offers an exceptional range of devices in a variety of sizes and styles with features to fit every budget and performance expectation.

Streamline deployment and the integration of new mobile devices into your IT organization by leveraging Logicsoft services. From adding more memory and imaging software to activating broadband services and special bundling, Logicsoft ensures your devices arrive just as you want them – ready to be mobile. We can also help you set up a CYOD e-procurement program that offers Windows, Mac, or both platforms. Learn more by contacting your Logicsoft account manager.

What we Offer