Logicsoft India

Cloud Solutions

Get your head in the cloud.

Cloud Strategy and Workshop Services

We'll work with your senior management and key stakeholders to determine a roadmap to get to the cloud. This engagement focuses on educating the key stakeholders on cloud realities and mapping out business processes and applications that can benefit from the cloud.

Cloud Assessment Services

This structured engagement focuses on the application layer. We'll assess your applications for cloud compatibility on multiple dimensions including cost, performance, security, architecture, compliance, and software and hardware compatibility.

Migration and Implementation Services

Cloud migration services include, but are not limited to, architecting the cloud environment, migrating your identified workloads, and testing your environment.

Backup and Restore

Site Recovery (Restore) is an Azure service that's designed to support your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy. This service is used to orchestrate replication, perform disaster recovery testing, and run failovers and failback.

Cloud Optimization Services

These services take a holistic approach to analyze your application base, platform, and/or infrastructure. Post-analysis, we'll review the results with you and recommend ways you can enhance cloud productivity, response time, compliance, and security.